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Dear Fellow Writers (July/August e-zine starts here…)

Christina Katz

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about writing career trajectories, the paths writers choose, the goals we set, and the growth we experience.

I’ve also been thinking about how speeded up things are getting and how this need for speed can put a lot of stress and strain on writers.

The Internet has been a boon to us, bringing us the ability to connect with like-minded others around the world. But from an evolutionary perspective, I don’t know how prepared we are for all of this and I wonder what the long-term implications are for the writing life.

There is one thing I do know for sure: we all need to break out of the group mind once in a while and assess where we have been, where we are, and where we are going from a very personal point of view.

Like the columnists you read here ten times a year, the best writers have always been capable of thinking their own thoughts and expressing them in a way that is unique to them.

But lose this ability to the rush and the grind and, as a writer, you pretty much lose everything.

For me, it’s important to maintain a balance between serving the group and serving myself and my family. And after creating a goodly amount of success over the past several years, it sure feels good to carve out a little time for self-reflection and planning this summer. Even after just a few weeks of slowing down, I sense the future coming into clearer focus.

I hope you will give yourself gift of time this summer.

You work hard. You deserve it.

Make good things happen,

Christina Katz
Publisher and Editor

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Dear Fellow Writers (June Issue Begins)

Christina Katz

I’ve just returned from the Writer’s Digest/BEA Conference and Book Expo America back-to-back.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable experience speaking to writers looking to develop platforms in two sessions, selling out copies of Get Known Before the Book Deal that were on hand, listening to thriller author Karin Slaughter and former Publisher’s Weekly editor Sara Nelson, seeing all the folks from the Writer’s Digest Publishing Community including publisher (and my former editor) Jane Friedman, touching base with some agents I know, and having a chance to hang out with a couple of former students.

At Book Expo America, I enjoyed several days of education about the publishing industry. I was able to see where publishing stands today (more or less since the show was smaller this year and some houses were not represented at all) by touring the entire floor of the Jacob K. Javits Center. I bumped into or met lots of booksellers, librarians, editors, agents, writers, and authors and just generally tried to get as much out of the experience as possible so I could pass on what I learned to my readers and students.

I was able to add my several days of immersion at BEA to all that I had already heard and learned at the Tools of Change Conference in February and I’ve drawn several conclusions for writers looking to grow skill sets and expand careers that will survive in the new, complicated future of publishing that is already upon us.

For rising writers, it’s often hard to know how to prioritize our time each day to grow a writing career, especially if that time is already limited. I’ve posted my observations in my Get Known Before the Book Deal blog (here). I hope you will read it and take my hard-won observations to heart when you are planning for 2010.

I always want writers to succeed because writers are my tribe. I have been serving writers for many years but the only writers I can really assist are those who are willing to work hard and consistently and take 100% responsibility for their efforts.
There is no luck in the publishing business. There is only the “luck” that you cultivate through education, effort and action and then leveraging that professional prowess into making informed, strategic decisions that are win-win-win for all parties involved.

In other words, it isn’t about you or me; it’s about us. And the people who understand this are going to stay healthy and vital and the people who don’t are quite likely to leave the playing field. We are watching the walls melt in the publishing industry. But this isn’t the end, really, it’s more like a new beginning for those who can stand navigate shifting ground.

It is my pleasure to help writers make good choices and help you work hard towards goals that are for everyone’s highest good. I feel like all the time, energy and money that I have invested to stay current is a huge advantage for every student I work with and I look forward to updating they way I work to keep up with changing times.

Whenever you feel unsure about which way to go, I hope you will remember the motto…

Make good things happen,

Christina Katz
Publisher and Editor

@thewritermama on Twitter
Please note: June 14th is your last chance to pick up Writer’s Digest with a special platform section. June 30th is your last chance to sign up for August classes at reduced prices. And my June Webinar for Writer’s Digest has been moved to October. Keep reading for more details.

Dear Fellow Writers (May Issue Begins…),

When I reread my column for “Reasons to Write” in this month’s issue, something wonderful happened: I remembered my own career trajectory as the right path for me.

So what the heck, let’s start this issue with the tail-end. Here’s the conclusion to my column, “Write to Sustain Yourself.”

Rather then writing as a raison-d’etre, then, perhaps writing is the affirmation of what already is. A way of saying what is and is not true. Each word a step closer to substance. Each session calling us to become our own disciple. Reminding us to not give ourselves away. But to own it. Every single word. All of it, sustenance.

I teach writers how to name, claim and build a writing career that projects their personal integrity into the world. We can’t control what the world will do with that projection once it has been made. Truly, we can’t.

The Internet is becoming increasingly like a circus fun house for writers complete with distorting mirrors and rotating hallways. I admit it, I can’t keep up. Do I even want to keep up? Do you?

Sure, I keep my toe in the water while I continue my own work because that’s the way it needs to be. I continue to feel that face-to-face and ongoing relationships are the most meaningful and the healthiest for my career. And if I make an occasional connection via Internet that’s an extra bonus.

So if you are feeling befuddled by this period of mass systems change in the publishing industry, why not use this time to go within and become clear about what you are writing and why? Use this time to clarify your goals and continue to go after them in a sober, measured way. Don’t get sucked into the online fun house…at least not for very long.

In some ways, everything about the field of professional writing has changed. And in other ways, nothing has changed. The skill sets and principles that I have developed and teach still work, not just for me, but for my persistent students, as well.

So enough with being distracted by the siren call of change. I’m going to practice what I preach and trust the true and steady path that is right in front of me. It hasn’t failed me yet.

I think the true and steady path is a pretty sure one, no matter what you write and no matter what else is going on.

Make good things happen!

Christina Katz
Publisher and Editor

Dear Fellow Writers, (April 2009)

Last month, I worked my tail off. I visited thirty-one blogs, wrote thirty-one new 500-word pieces, mailed scads of books and bumper stickers (only a few left to go!), and just generally wore myself out on top of everything else I usually do.

This month, I’m planting seeds in the form of little requests for your assistance. I hope they blossom into some big ol’ sunflowers by August.

I want to ask you to help me serve you better. I’ve made a decision to choose quality, not quantity. To not be so fixated on content that I forget the importance of context. And to dig deeper within myself instead of skimming across the surface with too many items on my to-do list.

This summer, I might even (gasp!) take a vacation or two and restock the creative well. They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing, writers! I’m starting with the inside…and trusting that the outside will follow.

And now, here’s where YOU come in. I need to ask for your assistance on many fronts:

I’m Seeking An Administrative Assistant: I will mentor this person in his or her witing career in exchange for 10-20 / week of administrative work. This is a perfect opportuntiy for someone who is not feeling a money crunch right now but realizes that they can benefit both by assiting me and through my consultations on writing for publication and platform development. This is job for a nonfiction writer, since nonfiction writing is my specialty. The right person for this position will be organized, conscientious, and cheerful about administrative work. Beginning fall 2009, this person will have access to free classes with me. Details will be negotiated upon selection. A minimum one-year commitment is required. Please do not apply if this does not describe you. Send a short cover note and a resume to me at: Resumes will be accepted for the rest of the month. The postion begins May 1st.

I Need Help With Book Promotion: More people than ever have been asking me for free help or input or advice since my book came out. As many of you know, I love reconnecting with my former students and am usually quick and generous with advice. Teaching as much as I do is very satisfying, especially when some of my former students are getting book deals and having books published (see these pictures from Sage Cohen’s book tour for Writing the Life Poetic). However, when you add travel and book promotion to writing, teaching and speaking, that’s when I start to feel the pinch. But how can I not go? I love to reach out and meet new writers. Over the years, I have answered literally hundreds of requests for assistance. Now I could really use five minutes of your time. Could you…

Ask Your Library to Order My Books!
Libraries are busy right now and therefore overdue fines are up and most have money to order new books. But they will likely only order books specifically requested by patrons. The good news is once you request my book through your library, it will probably go into the county or regional library loan program, which means everyone in your area can read it. If your library already has them: mission accomplished. Move on to the next way you can help.

Post Rave Reviews of My Books Online!
I’d love to be everywhere online. And let’s face, I’m a lot places. If you Google “Christina Katz” the pages go to Timbuktu. But the thing is, people don’t want to hear from me how great my stuff is: they want to hear it from YOU! And if you don’t get to them first, one unfortunate result I’ve had the displeasure of experiencing lately, is that some unhappy people would just love to spew their sour grapes in my direction. And when this happens, I have absolutely no recourse.

So, here’s what I ask: If you love my books and you have not yet posted this fact in writing online, NOW is the time to do it. The economy is down, the publishing industry is taking a big hit, and my books are impacted by this environment whether I like it or not. So no matter how good my intentions and how how hard I worked, if my readers don’t champion my books, they will fade away. And that would stink. Because I hear from people every day who love my books. If you are one of them, could you shout it from the rooftops online?

Support Independent Bookstores!
Ever since I started doing Amazon spikes, independent bookstore sellers have been asking me, “What have you done for US, lately?” I know you all know that I love libraries, but did you know that booksellers really need our support right now? In fact, booksellers are so pinched that they are sending books back to publishers much faster than they used to in order to only stock books that will move quickly. (Yes, that’s mostly celebrity stuff and the classics.) Mother’s Day is coming right up and Father’s Day is right after that. If you don’t have my books already, please consider purchasing them through your independent bookseller (or any booksellers, they are ALL hurting). If you already own them, please pass the message on to your readers (see below). I’d really appreciate it and so would booksellers.

Spread Enthusiasm About My Books to Key People!
Are you a journalist? A blogger? An e-zine editor? I have quotes, content, and interviews, which I’m happy to turn over to you and all you have to do in exchange is post my bio and link back to my sites. If you are none of the above, could you please tell a reviewer or a journalist or a book reviewer or anyone you think might be interested, how much you like my books? They are inundated with requests for reviews, so they are likely to appreciate your help vetting titles. No time? Try using Facebook or Twitter to buzz my books. If you are already on there it takes practically no time.

Long story short: if my books have ever supported you, could you now put your shoulder behind them and PUSH?

Thank you! Your assistance crosses many things off my to-do list, which allows me to concentrate on serving the work I do that best serves you. I appreciate your support!

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming, at a level of quality that I so enjoy bringing to you. Thanks for subscribing–and supporting!

Make good things happen!

Christina Katz
Publisher and Editor

Dear Fellow Writers (March 2009)

Christina Katz

We’ve got lots of exciting news this month, writers!

First, I’m celebrating the two-year anniversary of Writer Mama (can you believe it?) with a blog tour giveaway. Every day in March, I tell a portion of the Writer Mama story in a different blog and give away a book to one person who comments. It’s not too late to submit your blog for consideration. The cut off date to submit is Sunday, March 15th.

Second, March 17th is Sage Cohen’s Amazon spike day for her forthcoming book, Writing the Life Poetic from Writer’s Digest Books. I’ve got the very first signed copy in my hands and it is a beauty! Every once in awhile, the designers at Writer’s Digest Books go all out. And with the help of Sage’s illustrator friend, Gregoire Vion, and an embossed four-color design, this baby is a work of art! Please help Sage midwive her first traditionally published book into the world by purchasing your copy on March 17th with me!

And finally, columnist Abigail Green welcomes baby #2 into the family. And I quote from her blog, Diary of a New Mom: Baby Riley came into the world in just under 8 hours, weighing in at just under 8 lbs. Congratulations to Abby and her whole family!

Abby’s essay, “Belly Flop,” about adjusting to her postpartum figure, appeared in the February 2009 issue of American Baby. Just in time for her to adjust again!

Make good things happen!

Christina Katz
Publisher and Editor

Quick Note About Classes That Begin Wednesday, March 11th: This will be the LAST opportunity to take Writing and Publishing the Short Stuff and Pitching Practice at the low-low price of $199. I decided not to raise prices over the 2008 holiday season and halfway into the New Year. But, for example, the food I buy for one dog alone has gone up twelve bucks. Class prices will bump up beginning in August 2009. I’ve already bumped up the prices on coaching. I’ll post the new class prices soon. Class registration and the full 2009 calendar, including classes with other highly qualified instructors, has moved to

Dear Fellow Writers, (February 2009)

Fall in love with writing again is this month’s slogan. You might think that I mean stare out the window, or take a nice long walk and think about writing, or imagine lots of people reading your words.

I don’t.

Show me a writer hunched over the notebook or the laptop writing. Working. Crossing out lines. Finding the thread. Balling up paper and throwing it across the room. Pacing. Even staring out the window, if that’s what it takes to get the job done. And I’ll show you what I love.

I’ve become a lot more practical about writing over the years and in this month’s column, I discuss the difference between how I used to think about writing and how I think today.

And on this Valentine’s Day, I am pleased that I have not only been able to turn my dream of authorhood into reality, but I have played a small part in helping other writers’ dreams come true, too.

The dreams, I’m referring to, of course, require a heck of a lot of focus, determination, and hard work. This is something I could not fully comprehend in my twenties. (It’s okay, my ideas about romance were pretty off-base back then as well.)

And since we are talking about writing for love this month, let me just say what I love best: I love writers who are willing to work, preferably hard and consistently (insert sound of cracking whip here).

After eight years of working with writers, I want to send a Valentine to those who have been willing to make a real commitment to their writing careers and then follow through. Writing success is, after all, really about what you do with your abilities, not about the abilities you have when you set out on the path.

I guess you could say that I’m in love with the dream that you will be holding your own published work in your hands in the near future. But I love the dream even more when I see it become a reality.

And this Valentine’s Day, I hope you too fall in love. And I hope what you fall in love with is your work.

Make good things happen!

Christina Katz
Publisher and Editor

Announcement: The next round of classes begins on March 11th. We are offering a new class this Spring on writing for online markets with Jen Applin. Check it out! Also Sage Cohen’s Poetry for the People class is back! Registration and the full year’s calendar has moved to

Dear Fellow Writers (January 2009)

Christina Katz, headshot by Mark Bennington2009 is here and good things are happening. I’ve just been invited to O’Reilly Media’s Tools of Change for Publishing Conference in NYC, where I will lead a round-table discussion, blog about the conference, and learn a ton about the future of publishing. What an amazing opportunity!

On my way home, I’ll swing through Chicago to attend The Associated Writing Programs annual conference, which is co-sponsored this year by my alma mater, Columbia College Chicago. I can’t wait to see my old teachers!

Within one week, I’ll have the opportunity to network with hundreds of publishers and educators, who are all gearing up for the exciting future that we are all going to co-create together. I’m sure the experience will impact my plans and help me make the kinds of technology and teaching improvements I’d hoped to accomplish in 2009.

Since this is a New Year, I’m sure you have been thinking about your good intentions for 2009, too. What kinds of plans are you making to take your writing career to the next level? Do you need any help? What kind of help do you need? I hope you will turn to Writers on the Rise for the kind of quality advice you’ve come to expect over the years.

I’ve assembled an amazing team of contributors and we’ve got a line up of how-to topics that include all the most saleable forms of writing: fiction, essays, writing for radio, profiles and poetry. You’ll see mostly familiar faces and one new face, which belongs to Laura Bridgwater, whom we are pleased to welcome into the Writers on the Rise fold.

If you are looking for some of your favorite columns, they may have moved to one of my other e-zines. For example, Gigi Rosenberg was kind enough to take the helm as managing editor at the Get Known Groove and Gregory Kompes has moved over there, as well. As for me, I’m excited to officially announce that I’ve expanded my e-publications in 2009 to include three e-zines with seven contributors each:

Writers on the Rise: Focus on writing craft, goes out the first Monday each month

The Writer Mama: Focus on the needs of writing moms, goes out the second Monday each month

Get Known Groove: Focus on platform development, goes out the third Monday each month

Lest you think I’m not doing anything on the fourth Monday of the month, that’s when I send out the announcement for the next speaker in the Northwest Author Series (this month it’s me). Please join the list if you are local! You can subscribe to all the lists at (Simply add your e-mail to the box in the upper right hand corner and a screen will pop up that will allow you to choose the e-zines you’d like to join.)

I think Writers on the Rise is kicking off the year stronger than ever (I think this every year, of course). I want to especially thank Cindy Hudson for taking over as managing editor of Writers on the Rise. (Sage Cohen still writes a column here and has been gracious enough to step over as managing editor of The Writer Mama e-zine.) I’m very blessed to be able to work with such talented editors to help bring you the quality of writing you’ve come to expect. (But if you see a mistake, it was probably thanks to me, not any of them.)

One thing that Sage always comments on, when the e-zine goes out, is how many of our contributors have ascended the ranks over the years from writer to author. And bah-bah-bah-BAH! I’m pleased to announce that it has happened again!

Kristin Bair O’Keeffe’s debut novel, Thirsty, will be published by Swallow Press in 2009. A family saga that explores domestic abuse, race, class, and Pittsburgh’s mighty steel industry, Thirsty tells the story of Klara Bozic, a Croatian immigrant who seeks the strength-through love and friendship-to leave an abusive husband.

Can Klara rise above her circumstances and lay claim to her own peaceful spot in the world? Look for Thirsty in Fall 2009 to find out!

Thanks for helping us applaud Kristin and this wonderful stride forward in her literary career! She’s also on Facebook. And so is Writers on the Rise! I’ve created a fan page for us. If you are a fan, I hope you will swing by and chime in.

In the old days, I used to sign off, “In the writing spirit,” but I’ve decided to change to a new motto for 2009…

Make good things happen!

Christina Katz
Publisher and Editor

Announcement: Classes will be at the bottom of the newsletter this year. Please note that there is still room in all of the January classes. Registration for classes has moved to Thanks! Stay tuned for new classes as the year goes along!

Dear Fellow Writers (October 2008)

I’m sniffling.  I’ve heard from lots of folks this fall who have had it much worse. Luckily I roasted a chicken on Sunday, so I’m simmering chicken broth as I type this.

Mmmm. Smells good.

And now I have a sweet little kitten on my lap. Her name is Eva. She’s the one I wish I could keep (this week). But we’re a little heavy on pets right now, so in all likelihood Eva and her sister, Sadie, and her brothers, Sampson and Sterling, will go to the pet store in two weeks, as planned.

No doubt I won’t be the only one sniffling about that. But we’ll keep the mama cat, after all. (Did you hear that sound? It sounded like “Ka-ching!” coming from a mile away at our vet’s office. Yes, I’m sure I heard it.)

While our home becomes a little less full, two Writers on the Rise editor-columnists are welcoming babies into their lives.

Sage Cohen gave birth to Theodore (Theo) Robertson Luchs-Cohen. He was born Wednesday, September 17 at 11:40 a.m. weighing 8 lbs, 14 oz and measuring 20.5 inches long.

And Kristin Bair O’Keeffee and her husband Andrew traveled from Shanghai to Vietnam (actually from Maine to Shanghai to Vietnam but that’s another story) to pick up their long-awaited daughter, Tulliver (Tully) Quinn Loan O’Keeffe. She is beautiful.

You can read up on both moms’ adventures (and misadventures) on their respective blogs:

Meet Theo


Shanghai Adventures of a Trailing Spouse

Please join me in congratulating both families!

In the writing-for-publication spirit,

Christina Katz
Editor and Publisher

Dear Fellow Writers, (September 2008 Issue archive)

Today, on her third day of first grade, my daughter Samantha woke up and said:

“I don’t want to go to school today.”

I was momentarily stumped, although I assured her that she was indeed going to school today and started making her breakfast.

And then it dawned on me…first grade is harder than Kindergarten. A lot harder. My daughter is now in school for a full day for the first time, after two years of half-days because we didn’t feel she was ready for a full day. (She wasn’t.)

Apparently, she’s still not quite ready. But then again, I kept letting her play with friends after school this week, even though I was concerned that she might get overtired. And now here she was exhausted by only the third day of school..and not wanting to go.

Doink. Silly, mama. First grade isn’t going to change to accomodate Samantha’s need for more down time. Her schedule after school needs to change so she can handle first grade. She needs to come home after school and rest and regroup, so she can be ready for the next day.

So today she will come home and rest and play quietly without playmates. Then we’ll plan some playdates for the weekend instead of right after school. And when and if she has some extra energy after school, we’ll find outlets for it. But not until she does.

So much of writing for publicaiton requires this kind of energy management. The work is often harder than we expect. There is more of it than we expect. And the amount of time we have to work to reach a satisfactory level of quality is often longer than we expect.

Working harder and longer than we are used to takes energy. Our job as writers is to figure out where that energy is going to come from.

I shared in The Writer Mama e-zine that I’ve accomplished a lot over the past six-and-a-half years since my daughter was born. People ask me all the time how I do it. I guess I have learned to manage my energy over the years. Not perfectly, but perhaps productively. I wish the same for you!

In the writing-for-publication spirit,

Christina Katz
Editor and Publisher

Dear Fellow Writers (July/August 2008),

Are you lighting some fireworks under your writing career? For me, summer has always been a good time to create excitement about my work. And this summer is no exception. Read on for lots of news.

"Dear Christina" Podcast with Christina KatzCheck out “Dear Christina” my first podcast
The first one might be a little bumpy but they will definitely get better. One thing is certain, I will not run out of my former student’s success stories any time soon. They just keep rolling in! So I thought, why not feature them in a series of short podcasts? And now I am. I hope they inspire you as much as they inspire me.

The Writer Mama ScholarshipJuly 20th: Deadline for Applications for the Fall Writer Mama Scholarship
The next available Writer Mama Scholarship is coming up for the August 20th Writing & Publishing The Short Stuff Class.
Applications will only be accepted from Saturday, July 12th – Sunday, July 20th. One full scholarship will be granted with a value of $199.00. The scholarship application will be posted on Friday, July 11th in the Writer Mama Riffs Blog. Please feel free to post the badge in your blog or e-zine with a link to the Writer Mama blog so others can take advantage of this opportunity. (If you are planning on signing up for an August class, I wouldn’t dally. They are filling up!)

Writer Mama Back to School Giveaway BadgeSeptember 1 – 30: The Writer Mama Back-to-School Giveaway
This giveaway was a huge success last year. You don’t have to be a mama, just a writer. This year we’ll have more books to give away and more thought-provoking career questions for you to answer to qualify to win. Participants last year commented on how much they learned both from answering the questions as well as from each other. Don’t miss it! Please share the WM Back to School Giveaway badge with all your friends
with a link to the Writer Mama blog!

October 2007 Family Fun MagazineSeptember 22: Get Known Before the Book Deal Amazon spike on the first day of Fall
Order Get Known Before the Book Deal from Amazon on the Autumn Equinox and receive a great platform-development freebie! Details coming in the September issue. Please mark your calendar and tell all your friends. (More about why authors do stuff like this in September too, in case you are curious.)

October 22: Publication Date for Get Known Before the Book Deal
Lots of books talk about what to do once you become an author. No other books go into as much depth about how to position yourself to become an author before you have a book and even before you have a book deal! If you are local, I’ll be speaking at the Wilsonville Public Library on November 16th. I’ll also  be speaking about at the Willamette Writers Monthly Meeting in Portland on Tuesday, December 2nd. Final tour dates TBA in The Writer Mama blog.)

Purchase Writer Mama, Get Free MarketsPurchase Writer Mama & Receive a Free List of Markets
But wait! Before we move on to my second book, Writer Mama is still selling strong. In fact, I  appreciate all the word-of mouth you  can put behind it, whether that means suggesting Writer Mama to your friends, your writing association, your writing conference bookseller or your local library. For the months of July and August only, there are two ways to get the list of free markets (because I know many of you own Writer Mama already): you can either purchase the book and e-mail me a copy of the receipt or you can  act on any of the word-of-mouth suggestions above. Let me know that you have helped spread the word and that you already own Writer Mama, and I’ll send you the list of markets. Send all request e-mails on this topic to

The Maternal is PoliticalThat’s enough about me. Shooting off some fireworks of her own lately, columnist Gigi Rosenberg is now writing for Parenting Magazine, among other national publicaitons. She has also been recently published in the Seal Press Anthology, The Maternal is Political, Women Writers at the Intersection of Motherhood and Social Change, edited by Shari MacDonald Strong. Congratulations, Gigi! (You can order a copy of the book by clicking on it.)

Cindy Hudson will have some exciting news about her writing career in September. And don’t forget, former columnist Abigail Green, now a columnist over at The Writer Mama e-zine, has stepped up to teach Personal Essays That Get Published. Abby is a skillful and widely published essayist and I know that anyone who takes her class is going to be so glad they did. (More info below or stop by Abby’s blog Diary of a New Mom.)

There is a time to go into your cave and get your work done and then there is a time to crank up the excitement factor and reach out to others. Are you cranking up some excitement for your writing career? I sure hope so! If not, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of summer left.

In the writing-for-publication spirit,

Christina Katz
Editor and Publisher

P.S. You can always refer back to the Writers on the Rise blog, where these articles will be archived over the course of the upcoming month.

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