Writing for Radio: Radio-Related Websites to Bookmark

Laura BridgwaterBy Laura Bridgwater
Like a doctor checking up regularly on a patient, I, too, have regular rounds. But in my case, as a freelance writer I’m checking up on the Internet to read about new developments in the world of radio.
So to wrap up this year’s last “Writing for Radio” column, here’s a list of my favorite radio-related websites that are part of my Internet rounds. These websites will keep you primed for writing for radio for the rest of 2009 and into 2010.
1. British Broadcasting Company’s International Radio (BBC) /
What is it? The largest broadcasting corporation in the world.
Why browse it? Because BBC Radio takes submissions for its radio dramas and situation comedies.
2. National Public Radio (NPR) 
What is it?  A not-for-profit organization that reaches 27.5 million Americans each week.
Why browse it? Because NPR seems to be surviving the economic downturn and adapting to new media. Read about it in the Fast Company article Will NPR Save the News? 
3. Transom 
What is it? A showcase and workshop for new public radio.
Why browse it? Great information on topics ranging from radio equipment to “Beginnings”, a section of personal essays about starting in radio.
4. Current 
What is it? A newspaper and website about public TV and radio in the United States.
Why browse it? Truly all things public radio and public television.
5. PoynterOnline  
What is it? The online portal for the Poynter Institute, a school for journalists.
Why browse it? In addition to the latest news about the news, this site has information about radio journalism. Go to the search box on the homepage, type ‘radio,’ and start reading.
6. Mediabistro  
What is it? A website for a variety of creatives, from editors and writers to television, film, and radio professionals.
Why browse it? Practical advice about the business-side of being creative, such as How to Pitch pages. Some content is free; other content requires a subscription.
What is it? A not-for-profit storytelling organization.
Why browse it? Because it’s fun. And because The Moth Radio Hour takes pitches.
8. Your favorite radio station’s website
Why browse it? Whether you are currently writing for radio or hope to one day, reading your favorite radio station’s website will keep you informed on a variety of topics, from finding a new call for submissions to getting ideas about what you might want to write.
The Internet can be a huge time sink (think YouTube videos of the Keyboard Cat), but it can also be valuable. Click through the above websites and bookmark the ones that seem useful for you (most Internet browsers have a bookmark feature). Then the next time you sit down to surf the net, you’ll avoid the virtual rabbit holes during your Internet rounds. 
Laura Bridgwater is a freelance writer, teacher, and radio commentator. In 2008 she won first place for humorous personal essay writing in the National Federation of Press Women contest. Her humorous essays have been published in numerous parenting magazines and Funny Times, as well as being broadcast on public radio. To listen to her radio commentary visit KUNC.

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