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Happy Holidays Writers! The November-December Issue of Writers on the Rise Begins Here

Christina KatzThank you so much for subscribing to Writers on the Rise in 2009. This was our sixth year. And we are kicking off our seventh with some changes!

I told you last month that I would be prioritizing certain activities in the New Year and I’ve been working hard to bring those intentions into reality.

I’ve transferred my hosting for (my old web host was sold about a year ago) and built a brand new site using and Thesis.

See what you think of the all new As of January 1st, this is where I’ll be posting everything, including the 2010 Writers on the Rise posts.

I hope you will add to your blog reader today, since this is the last issue of Writers on the Rise for 2009. (The archive of this issue will be posted in the same blog as always.)

Effective immediately at my new blog, you can stay up to date on my upcoming classes, dream teams, publications, appearances, freebies, and more (and more coming soon!).

A couple of things you won’t want to miss:

  • I’ve posted my round up of holiday gifts for writers with an eye towards health, thrift, and cheer. I hope you enjoy it.
  • The week of December 7th, I will be accepting applications for The Writer Mama Scholarship.
  •  Registration is now open for Writing & Publishing the Short Stuff, Turn Your Specialty Into Course Curriculum, and three levels of five-month accountability groups (AKA Dream Teams). TYSICC is now recommended before Craft a Saleable Nonfiction Book Proposal, which will be offered in March.
  • We are so lucky that Abigail Green is once again offering her Personal Essays That Get Published class. If you’ve not had a chance to take it, I highly recommend it.
  • And starting January 1st, I’ll be posting student and reader success stories at the rate of one per day until we run out! Stay tuned to my blog for the request for your 2009 success stories!
Last issue, I asked for your suggestions. One person wrote in and said she would be helped if I expanded the number of ways I worked with writers and offered a wider range of prices. And that’s exactly what I’m doing. Come January 1, 2010, you will find an array of ways to work with me that will fit all budgets.

I will be sending out gifts and cards to formally thank our wonderful 2009 contributors, managing editor Cindy Hudson, and my administrative intern Judy Miller. If you would like to thank them too, I suggest that you “favorite” their web sites and blogs so you won’t miss a single one of their exciting upcoming offers.

I’ll also be announcing new contributors and new new topics for 2010 in the January issue. Stay tuned. 2010 is going to be our best year yet!

Christina Katz
Publisher and Editor

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