Succulent September: The September Issue of Writers on the Rise Begins Here

Christina KatzI received a message from Sam last month after the July/August issue of Writers on the Rise went out. He said, “One of your best newsletters. I know it didn’t just happen on its own.”

It sure didn’t! There are nine of us who work diligently to make this newsletter as helpful as it can be ten times a year. Next month we will celebrate six years of Writers on the Rise. Six years!

Writers on the Rise started out as a simple e-mail I sent out to my former students so I would be able to keep in touch with them after my family moved from Bellingham, Washington to Wilsonville, Oregon.

Each year, we expanded a little bit. At first, my students contributed to the publication. Then I started recruited other writing professionals to contribute. Next, it wasn’t long before my students became writing professionals. Many of them contribute today. Several have books out, coming out, or deals in progress. I could not be more pleased.

The original e-mail list was a couple hundred writers; today it’s thousands. But I can’t help feeling that more writers would love to hear about us and would benefit from all of the excellent writing craft advice we offer. So along those lines, I’m going to ask for a couple of favors:

  • Could you forward this issue to five writing friends? (There’s a button at the bottom of the e-zine that makes this easy.)
  • Could you send a quick e-mail to Writer’s Digest and nominate us as one of the 101 Best Websites? Just click here here when you are ready to nominate us. Our physical address is:
  • Could you link to us in your blog, mention us in forums you participate in, or drop our name when you are on Facebook or Twitter? We have a  Facebook fan page and you are welcome to join it. If you’d like to follow me on Twitter, I’m “@thewritermama.”

Folks can subscribe through the e-zine, if you forward it to them, or they can visit our webpage to subscribe.

Thanks for spreading the word! As always, I look forward to taking Writers on the Rise to a whole new level in 2010…but I’m sure your writer friends won’t want to miss all we still have to offer in the 2009.

In the writing spirit,


Christina Katz
Publisher and Editor

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