Dear Fellow Writers (May Issue Begins…),

When I reread my column for “Reasons to Write” in this month’s issue, something wonderful happened: I remembered my own career trajectory as the right path for me.

So what the heck, let’s start this issue with the tail-end. Here’s the conclusion to my column, “Write to Sustain Yourself.”

Rather then writing as a raison-d’etre, then, perhaps writing is the affirmation of what already is. A way of saying what is and is not true. Each word a step closer to substance. Each session calling us to become our own disciple. Reminding us to not give ourselves away. But to own it. Every single word. All of it, sustenance.

I teach writers how to name, claim and build a writing career that projects their personal integrity into the world. We can’t control what the world will do with that projection once it has been made. Truly, we can’t.

The Internet is becoming increasingly like a circus fun house for writers complete with distorting mirrors and rotating hallways. I admit it, I can’t keep up. Do I even want to keep up? Do you?

Sure, I keep my toe in the water while I continue my own work because that’s the way it needs to be. I continue to feel that face-to-face and ongoing relationships are the most meaningful and the healthiest for my career. And if I make an occasional connection via Internet that’s an extra bonus.

So if you are feeling befuddled by this period of mass systems change in the publishing industry, why not use this time to go within and become clear about what you are writing and why? Use this time to clarify your goals and continue to go after them in a sober, measured way. Don’t get sucked into the online fun house…at least not for very long.

In some ways, everything about the field of professional writing has changed. And in other ways, nothing has changed. The skill sets and principles that I have developed and teach still work, not just for me, but for my persistent students, as well.

So enough with being distracted by the siren call of change. I’m going to practice what I preach and trust the true and steady path that is right in front of me. It hasn’t failed me yet.

I think the true and steady path is a pretty sure one, no matter what you write and no matter what else is going on.

Make good things happen!

Christina Katz
Publisher and Editor

1 Response to “Dear Fellow Writers (May Issue Begins…),”

  1. 1 Laurie May 12, 2009 at 9:17 pm

    Thank you Christina. This is exactly what I needed to read today. I have that copy of Writer’s Digest by the way and have enjoyed it. Interesting note is the article they have on how to use Internet chat groups to network your writing. In the section on Facebook, I love the last piece of advice it has: Avoid Getting Addicted.

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