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Dear Fellow Writers (March 2009)

Christina Katz

We’ve got lots of exciting news this month, writers!

First, I’m celebrating the two-year anniversary of Writer Mama (can you believe it?) with a blog tour giveaway. Every day in March, I tell a portion of the Writer Mama story in a different blog and give away a book to one person who comments. It’s not too late to submit your blog for consideration. The cut off date to submit is Sunday, March 15th.

Second, March 17th is Sage Cohen’s Amazon spike day for her forthcoming book, Writing the Life Poetic from Writer’s Digest Books. I’ve got the very first signed copy in my hands and it is a beauty! Every once in awhile, the designers at Writer’s Digest Books go all out. And with the help of Sage’s illustrator friend, Gregoire Vion, and an embossed four-color design, this baby is a work of art! Please help Sage midwive her first traditionally published book into the world by purchasing your copy on March 17th with me!

And finally, columnist Abigail Green welcomes baby #2 into the family. And I quote from her blog, Diary of a New Mom: Baby Riley came into the world in just under 8 hours, weighing in at just under 8 lbs. Congratulations to Abby and her whole family!

Abby’s essay, “Belly Flop,” about adjusting to her postpartum figure, appeared in the February 2009 issue of American Baby. Just in time for her to adjust again!

Make good things happen!

Christina Katz
Publisher and Editor

Quick Note About Classes That Begin Wednesday, March 11th: This will be the LAST opportunity to take Writing and Publishing the Short Stuff and Pitching Practice at the low-low price of $199. I decided not to raise prices over the 2008 holiday season and halfway into the New Year. But, for example, the food I buy for one dog alone has gone up twelve bucks. Class prices will bump up beginning in August 2009. I’ve already bumped up the prices on coaching. I’ll post the new class prices soon. Class registration and the full 2009 calendar, including classes with other highly qualified instructors, has moved to

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