Dear Fellow Writers, (February 2009)

Fall in love with writing again is this month’s slogan. You might think that I mean stare out the window, or take a nice long walk and think about writing, or imagine lots of people reading your words.

I don’t.

Show me a writer hunched over the notebook or the laptop writing. Working. Crossing out lines. Finding the thread. Balling up paper and throwing it across the room. Pacing. Even staring out the window, if that’s what it takes to get the job done. And I’ll show you what I love.

I’ve become a lot more practical about writing over the years and in this month’s column, I discuss the difference between how I used to think about writing and how I think today.

And on this Valentine’s Day, I am pleased that I have not only been able to turn my dream of authorhood into reality, but I have played a small part in helping other writers’ dreams come true, too.

The dreams, I’m referring to, of course, require a heck of a lot of focus, determination, and hard work. This is something I could not fully comprehend in my twenties. (It’s okay, my ideas about romance were pretty off-base back then as well.)

And since we are talking about writing for love this month, let me just say what I love best: I love writers who are willing to work, preferably hard and consistently (insert sound of cracking whip here).

After eight years of working with writers, I want to send a Valentine to those who have been willing to make a real commitment to their writing careers and then follow through. Writing success is, after all, really about what you do with your abilities, not about the abilities you have when you set out on the path.

I guess you could say that I’m in love with the dream that you will be holding your own published work in your hands in the near future. But I love the dream even more when I see it become a reality.

And this Valentine’s Day, I hope you too fall in love. And I hope what you fall in love with is your work.

Make good things happen!

Christina Katz
Publisher and Editor

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