How Are Your Sales Skills? Good, I hope.

Writing professionals utilize four skills at all times: honing our writing craft, selling/pitching our words, building our platforms, and continually updating our professional development. When one of these four aspects is missing or week, the wheels of success wobble!

Perhaps this explains Pitching Practice has always been one of my most instrumental classes for writers. Selling is typically NOT what writers are naturally good at. Therefore, a class that focuses specifically on pitching can make the difference between selling your words and not selling them.

Which kind of writer do you aim to become?

If you aim to become the kind of writer who sells her words, then Pitching Practice is the class for you.

And remember, I did not raise my class prices between ’08 and ’09, in sympathy with the slumping economy. But as soon as things start looking up, my class prices will also bump up. So get this class while it’s cheap. It’s a career-changer!

Pitching Practice: Write Six Queries in Six Weeks
Next Class Begins on March 11th
Prerequisites: Permission from the Instructor
In this class, pitching is all we do. Over the course of six weeks, we crank out six queries. Exactly the kind of practice you need if you want to get in the habit of landing better-paying assignments. After you write and send six queries, you will never again ask, “What makes a strong query?” You will have developed your own and style into prototypes that you can use over and over to obtain future assignments. And that’s what query writing is about. Not someone else’s formula, but finding your own.

New in 2009: At the end of class, we also discuss all of the possible ways to pitch your words, so once you get the hang of pitching, you can pick and choose the method that works best for you.

For more info and to register, please visit:


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