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Dear Fellow Writers (January 2009)

Christina Katz, headshot by Mark Bennington2009 is here and good things are happening. I’ve just been invited to O’Reilly Media’s Tools of Change for Publishing Conference in NYC, where I will lead a round-table discussion, blog about the conference, and learn a ton about the future of publishing. What an amazing opportunity!

On my way home, I’ll swing through Chicago to attend The Associated Writing Programs annual conference, which is co-sponsored this year by my alma mater, Columbia College Chicago. I can’t wait to see my old teachers!

Within one week, I’ll have the opportunity to network with hundreds of publishers and educators, who are all gearing up for the exciting future that we are all going to co-create together. I’m sure the experience will impact my plans and help me make the kinds of technology and teaching improvements I’d hoped to accomplish in 2009.

Since this is a New Year, I’m sure you have been thinking about your good intentions for 2009, too. What kinds of plans are you making to take your writing career to the next level? Do you need any help? What kind of help do you need? I hope you will turn to Writers on the Rise for the kind of quality advice you’ve come to expect over the years.

I’ve assembled an amazing team of contributors and we’ve got a line up of how-to topics that include all the most saleable forms of writing: fiction, essays, writing for radio, profiles and poetry. You’ll see mostly familiar faces and one new face, which belongs to Laura Bridgwater, whom we are pleased to welcome into the Writers on the Rise fold.

If you are looking for some of your favorite columns, they may have moved to one of my other e-zines. For example, Gigi Rosenberg was kind enough to take the helm as managing editor at the Get Known Groove and Gregory Kompes has moved over there, as well. As for me, I’m excited to officially announce that I’ve expanded my e-publications in 2009 to include three e-zines with seven contributors each:

Writers on the Rise: Focus on writing craft, goes out the first Monday each month

The Writer Mama: Focus on the needs of writing moms, goes out the second Monday each month

Get Known Groove: Focus on platform development, goes out the third Monday each month

Lest you think I’m not doing anything on the fourth Monday of the month, that’s when I send out the announcement for the next speaker in the Northwest Author Series (this month it’s me). Please join the list if you are local! You can subscribe to all the lists at (Simply add your e-mail to the box in the upper right hand corner and a screen will pop up that will allow you to choose the e-zines you’d like to join.)

I think Writers on the Rise is kicking off the year stronger than ever (I think this every year, of course). I want to especially thank Cindy Hudson for taking over as managing editor of Writers on the Rise. (Sage Cohen still writes a column here and has been gracious enough to step over as managing editor of The Writer Mama e-zine.) I’m very blessed to be able to work with such talented editors to help bring you the quality of writing you’ve come to expect. (But if you see a mistake, it was probably thanks to me, not any of them.)

One thing that Sage always comments on, when the e-zine goes out, is how many of our contributors have ascended the ranks over the years from writer to author. And bah-bah-bah-BAH! I’m pleased to announce that it has happened again!

Kristin Bair O’Keeffe’s debut novel, Thirsty, will be published by Swallow Press in 2009. A family saga that explores domestic abuse, race, class, and Pittsburgh’s mighty steel industry, Thirsty tells the story of Klara Bozic, a Croatian immigrant who seeks the strength-through love and friendship-to leave an abusive husband.

Can Klara rise above her circumstances and lay claim to her own peaceful spot in the world? Look for Thirsty in Fall 2009 to find out!

Thanks for helping us applaud Kristin and this wonderful stride forward in her literary career! She’s also on Facebook. And so is Writers on the Rise! I’ve created a fan page for us. If you are a fan, I hope you will swing by and chime in.

In the old days, I used to sign off, “In the writing spirit,” but I’ve decided to change to a new motto for 2009…

Make good things happen!

Christina Katz
Publisher and Editor

Announcement: Classes will be at the bottom of the newsletter this year. Please note that there is still room in all of the January classes. Registration for classes has moved to Thanks! Stay tuned for new classes as the year goes along!

We’re Building Our Blogroll: Submit Your Writing Site or Blog to Participate

Over at The Writer Mama Riffs blog, I only have one rule, and that’s that your blog must be a writer mama blog. Of course, I bend the rule from time to time.

Over here, at the Writers on the Rise archive, I think it makes sense to have blogs that focus on the kinds of professional writing skills that we’ve been talking about in our e-zine for the past five years.

So, I can’t promise everyone that their blog will be added. A lot of blogs are not as focused or regularly updated as I would like the blogs on this list to be.

But don’t let that stop you from adding yours to the comments. Go ahead and add your blogroll to the comments, and if it focuses on writing (craft, habits, lifestyle, selling, self-promotion, etc.), I will add it.

I’m looking forward to watching our writing community grow!

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