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Kristin Bair O’Keeffe a Contributor to the 2009 Bylines Calendar

2009 Bylines CalendarNot your ordinary daytimer, Bylines 2009 Calendar is chock full of inspiration, humor and passion. Just the sort of thing aspiring and working writers need to read on a daily basis to keep the creative juices flowing and the angst at bay.

This year there are writers featured from 29 states and 5 foreign countries. The calendar is $13.95.

Top 10 Reasons to BUY the BYLINES CALENDAR!

1. It’s the perfect gift for any writer! Give a Bylines Calendar for Christmas, birthdays, or for any occasion at all, and rack up the brownie points. (You’ll need them later, when they’re famous and you’re trying to bargain your way out of having your youthful indiscretions included in their memoirs.)

2. It’s a writing motivator. Stop listening to inner doubts, and reinforce the positive muse inside. Read a story each week, which gives tips on how other writers have overcome obstacles and achieved success. Look through their eyes into the daily happenings in a writer’s life.

3. It makes a great writing log. Jot down your writing-related accomplishments each day, such as: “finished chapter four”; “sent out query on toy museum to XYZ magazine”; “wrote poem about eyelashes”; “installed new computer printer,” etc. When you flip back through the pages later, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve accomplished during the year.

4. Celebrate! Use Bylines to find writing-related holidays, such as Biographer’s Day, National Columnist’s Day, Young People’s Poetry Week, or even Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month (shouldn’t that be every month?). Look up the date of your next writer’s group meeting, and find a literary reason to celebrate, such as a famous author’s birthday.

5. Keep Track of Deadlines. Use Bylines to write down your DEADLINES, in capital letters, in Red Ink!

6. Keep focused on the goal. Do you want to finish your book this year? Send out 100 queries? Write one magazine article per month? Start a weekly column? Research 15 new markets for your poems? Enter 10 contests? Jot down your writing goals for the year in Bylines, on the page provided. Then do something daily, weekly, and monthly to achieve them.

7. When the IRS comes knocking. Show them your Bylines calendar, where you’ve written your daily log, as evidence to show that yes, you are a real writer, and absolutely, you really do write regularly.

8. Jog that Memory. Went to a conference, but forgot the name of that great speaker? Or met a writer at the conference with the same interests as you, but misplaced her email address? Use the conference pages in Bylines to jot down highlights of the weekend, such as new places to query, great new websites, and contact names and addresses. Later, you’ll always know where to find them.

9. Expand your horizons. Learn about 52 hard-working writers who overcame obstacles, gave up procrastination, and kept their rears in their chairs and fingers on their keyboards. Read about their resulting successes in many fields of writing. We provide their email addresses and link to their websites, so you can buy their books, read their articles, contact them to be speakers at meetings and follow their careers.

10. Hey, I’m a writer, too! Support the 53rd writer in the calendar, too, the one “behind the scenes.” (O.K., you may not think much of this reason. But look at the other nine.)

Here’s the website for ordering:

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