Time Management Mastery: Stationary Packs a One-Two Punch

October 2007 Family Fun MagazineBy C. Hope Clark
Writing magazines often carry articles about how to format a query or proposal to look professional. But what about the other times we communicate? We email so much these days that we forget about letter etiquette, even though letter etiquette is important, as there are many times that an email isn’t appropriate. Here are a list of supplies you may want to keep on hand:

  1. Plain paper. Make it white, crisp and clean. Insure your ink or toner is at the high quality level and doesn’t smudge.
  2. Printed stationery. That split-second of recognition achieved with pre-printed paper and envelopes places you a tiny bit ahead of the game. Professionalism opens so many doors and may be what it takes to snare someone’s attention long enough to read your proposal.
  3. Thank-you cards. A supply of tasteful, very simple thank-you notes should be within arm’s reach at all times and oft remembered. In these busy times, we forget to send words of appreciation outside a quick email with a one-line “thank you.” Drop a hand-written thank-you note in the real mail when you feel honored or grateful for the attention or assistance from another.
  4. Note cards. You mail books and magazines, often to customers and peer writers, and don’t want the formality of a typed letter. Keep a supply of writing-related note cards or simple cards with your initial. Spirited Woman offers beautiful note cards with embedded wild flower seeds in them for those special notes of appreciation.
  5. Postcards. Keep a supply of postcards that flaunt your work or website. They can deliver that short note in a package or be a means to contact someone whose e-mail address you forgot. Vistaprint and Earthly Charms are just two online suppliers of reasonably-priced postcards.

If you want to go a step further, consider personalized sticky notes and holiday/Christmas cards. Try not to let an opportunity pass to exploit your writing career. You never know when that extra effort results in a sale or a contract gig.

C. Hope Clark is founder and editor of FundsforWriters.com, annually recognized by Writer’s Digest in its poll of 101 Best Web Sites for Writers. She delivers four newsletters each week to thousands with her specialty being grants and income opportunities for writers of all sizes. She’s published over 200 articles on paper and online. Those reluctant to promote their writing cherish her trade paperback The Shy Writer: An Introvert’s Guide to Writing Success. Find more hope for your writing career at www.fundsforwriters.com & www.theshywriter.com.

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