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Order Get Known Before the Book Deal on Monday and Receive a Free Gift

3:27 p.m. You have driven Get Known to the 320 mark! Amazing! Thank you so much for your support!

1:57 p.m. Get Known hits 338!!! (I could get used to this. It’s selling more copies than The Artist’s Way and Bird by Bird!)

1:48 p.m. Get Known is number ONE in the Authorship category!!!

Oh my goodness, you guys! Get Known has reached number 596 on Amazon. That is AMAZING! Hugs to you all for your support! It is so heart warming. Truly.


Dear friends,

The first day of Fall is here! And as I’ve been promising (threatening?) for weeks now, it’s also the official help me drive my second book to the number one spot on day. (Heck, I’d settle for number one within its category.) The impact of a good Amazon spike is the same, no matter how “low” you rank (the lower, the better).

But before I invite you to help me drive my book to the number one spot on on Monday, let me share why authors do this kind of thing.

The closer my book gets to the number one spot on the more often Amazon will recommend it to readers who have read books on similar topics. That’s them doing a lot of heavy lifting marketing for me.

As an author my job is to make my book visible as much as I can before and after it is released. So that, in a nutshell, is what I’m up to.

I want to emphasize that I did my own spike for Writer Mama and I was pleased with the results. I would never pay someone to conduct this effort for me. I do not endorse any of those “you-pay-me-a-few-grand-and-I’ll-take-good-care-of-you” online offers. In all of my work I emphasize working slowly and consistently over time in order to cultivate legitimate success with integrity.

Well, it’s time to kick things off. And naturally, I’d love all the help I can get spreading the word about Get Known Before the Book Deal.

My goal is to help my title reach its intended readers. You can help me do just that by participating in my Amazon Sales Spike on Monday, September 22nd. (Obviously, if you have no interest whatsoever in my book, then absolutely do not feel pressured to buy it Monday or ever!) However, if you feel like Get Known is a book you want and need, I would truly appreciate your participation Monday.

Everyone who orders Get Known from during the twenty-four hour period from midnight on Sunday until midnight on Monday and e-mails me their receipt within 24 hours will receive a platform development checklist on Tuesday, which serves as the perfect companion to the book. Readers will also be entered in a drawing to receive a one-hour phone consultation with me. Three phone conference winners will be chosen on Frinday, September 26th, from those who submit receipts for phone conferences to take place in October (video-conference is a possibility for me, also, if the winners would like to do that).

Anyone is welcome to participate in the Amazon spike, so feel free to spread the word. Send purchase receipts to to enter the drawing. If you have another way you prefer to purchase my book or another date on which you would prefer to purchase my book, that’s great with me. Remember, if you purchase more than one book to have them shipped separately or you will have to wait for all your books until Get Known is ready to ship.

I imagine that the books will arrive from Amazon in early November. I am not able to know or predict the exact date. Everyone does a pretty good job at keeping me in the dark about that. 🙂

Thank you so much for your support no matter how you wish to offer it. If you are looking for a link, please order through my Get Known blog.

In the writing spirit,


***Now, I’m pretty sure to avoid getting thrown into jail that I need to say here that there is no purchase required to enter the drawing. So, there. I just said it. You know what to do.

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