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October 2007 Family Fun Magazine By Gregory A. Kompes

The hot topic of self-publishing vs. traditional publishing comes up at every writers’ event I attend. As publishing and printing technology improve and the competition for traditional publishing contracts increases, more writers turn to self publishing as a viable alternative. There are many ways to electronically self publish that can help build your Writerpreneur career.

Blogs & Social Networks

Smart Writerpreneurs self publish on a regular basis through their blogs and newsletters. Every word, sound and image you post on your blog is technically published. These are your thoughts and ideas put out for the world to see, read and hear.

Material posted to your blog can be reworked and reused on your social networking pages, in your newsletters, as content when you Twitter, for article directories, and as special reports and eBooks. Plus, all of this quality, online material improves your search engine rankings (SEO).

Special Reports & eBooks

Joan Stewart, the Publicity Hound, is one of the best examples of an expert creating a series of special reports and eBooks on a niche topic and turning them into an empire. Here’s how to follow Joan’s example: focus on your topic, answer questions of your audience in the form of special reports, and sell them online as immediate downloads or offline on CDs. With all the affordable print options, it’s also easy to turn your material into physical books.

Companies like BookLocker and LightningSource offer digital book sales and print on demand (POD) publishing options that will make your books available without the overhead.


Sound is powerful. Publishing online audio is a super way to harness that power and reach your audience. Audio products are easy to create. Record your teleconference events and online radio shows and you’ll have audio products. Personally recorded messages (think audio books) are also popular with most audiences. Reading your special report into a digital recorder is a simple way to create an audio product.

You don’t need to spend a lot for quality these days. I’m rarely without my plug and play Olympia WS100 recorder (retail: $79). While there are many generations of recorders that have followed, this powerful and affordable little device remains my favorite.


The fastest growing online delivery option is video. While still in its infancy, I predict that online video will become expected by site visitors. Why not get in early and learn how to take advantage of this online technology? A few publishing options include recorded video versions of your live seminars and teaching events or video conferences of you interviewing or being interviewed by other experts in your niche.

To see a few video examples, visit Stompernet. They use video as a sales and marketing tool as well as for member education.

By putting your career in your own hands with self-published media, you can extend your reach, increase your impact and even boost your earnings.

Gregory A. Kompes, author of the bestseller 50 Fabulous Gay-Friendly Places to Live and the Writer’s Series, speaks at conferences and teaches Internet self-promotion courses online. Gregory is editor of Queer Collection: Prose & Poetry, Patchwork Path, The Fabulist Flash, and Eighteen Questions, a Q&A series that collects published authors experiences (chosen a “101 Best Websiteby Writer’s Digest ). In Las Vegas, he hosts the Writerpreneur Workshops and co-host’s the Writer’s Pen & Grill. Gregory holds a BA in English Literature from Columbia University, New York, and a certificate in Online Teaching and Learning and an MS Ed. from California State University, East Bay.

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  1. 1 Philip Davis September 21, 2008 at 5:15 pm

    I like that you started your article with blogging. I think a blog is a great center piece for an author’s promotional campaign. Every other tactic an author uses can tie back into his or her blog and as you say, with every piece of electronic publishing, the author’s platform increases.

    I’d like to add that while authors have hundreds of tactics they can use today, it is important to approach your promotional activities with a strategic plan. Most authors do not have the time or money to do everything, so we need to pick the few that we are comfortable with, like blogging, videos, audio, facebook etc. and then apply ourselves religiously to these tactics. Over time, a following will develop. But if an author just dabbles in a few things here and there, the following will not develop.

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