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Great Sites for Writers: Reinvented

By Tiffani Hill-Patterson

In January, I profiled Writer’s In March, the publication did a little spring cleaning, and, boy, does the site look inviting! It’s simple and organized, and the content is easily accessible. On the new home page, you’ll find a Featured Article – recent ones include “The Importance of the Writing Environment” and “Back Up Your Work for Free.” The Writer’s Mart highlights services and products geared to help you polish your prose and get published. The revamped site also shares a Writing Tip of the Day, covering everything from nonfiction books to copyright to run-on sentences.

The blogs are neatly laid out on the front page. Got a question on queries? Find the answer at Questions and Quandaries, written by Brian A. Klems. Engage your poetry muse with Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides.

Critique Central, Writer’s Block Party, and Literary Hot Spots are places writers can seek advice, brag about successes and share their favorite community writing spots.

Of course, the Writer’s Digest free newsletter continues to deliver tips, advice and market news straight to your inbox. Check out the new and improved site to “write better and get published.”

Tiffani Hill-Patterson is an award-winning journalist with 13 years of writing and editing experience. She’s a regular contributor to The Writer Mama zine and Birmingham Parent magazine, and her articles on health, parenting, fitness and pop culture have also appeared in The Huntsville Times, The Moulton Advertiser and The TimesDaily. She lives in Alabama with her husband and daughter. Read more at

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