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Dear Fellow Writers,

May is the month to honor mothers. That means celebrating the mothers among us (that’s Wendy, Tiffani, Lori, Cindy, Gigi, Hope and me), the mothers-to-be (that’s Sage!), the dog moms (that’s Sue, Sage, Wendy and me — those are just the ones I know off the top of my head!) and the folks who have mothers (that’s all of us or we wouldn’t be here). And I have not even mentioned all of the moms who are yet to come, the former dog moms, and those who voluntarily mother others.

I would also like to give a shout-out to the single moms, the moms of children with special needs, the moms with special needs, and any moms who have been hit by hard times lately.

I’d like to give a wave to my mother–Hi Mom!–who was a big influence on me as a writer when I was growing up. She tooks us to the library, was always reading herself (and therefore set a great example), and she and my dad always made sure we had the very best educations hard-earned money could buy. My mom has a great vocabulary and surely helped me excel in language arts and later English classes. (I was one of the few kids in school who was crazy about the weekly Worldly Wise workbook.)

Did your mother influence you as a writer? If so, how?

Every day that I’m a mom, I appreciate all the little (and big) things my mother did for me. (Not to mention the things she didn‘t do for me and made me do for myself.)

Happy Mother’s Day diverse mamas everywhere!

In the writing-for-publication spirit,

Christina Katz
Editor and Publisher

P.S. If you have a special writer mama in your life, feel free to swing by my blog for some great gift ideas for moms who love to write. And I hope you’ll consider my first book, Writer Mama, too.

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