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Great Sites for Writers

Tiffani Hill-Patterson
Freelance Success: Helping writers build a profitable career

Freelance Success or FLX as members call it, is a $99 “toolbox” that can help freelancers build a solid business.

A weekly newsletter that focuses on helping you improve your cash flow is the “hammer,” the big gun in the toolbox. The guide nails down inside information by interviewing editors of top-paying publications, says FLX editor and publisher Jennie Phipps on the About Us page.

The toolbox’s “level” is found in the forums, where colleagues offer steady advice and join in level-headed discussions about the business. Writers share editor and source contact information in the Freelance Success Forum. The Juggling Writer forum is described as being for “parents struggling to keep all the balls in the air, for those trying to cram full-time freelancing into a part-time schedule, and for anyone else who feels they’re truly struggling with freelancing.”

The site also includes a “tape measure,” or the Pay Check Database, where members can find and contribute information on publications’ pay rates and whether it’s a breeze or a battle to get a check.

Finally, the site offers a few nails, or 10 reasons to subscribe. If you want to try before you buy, a sample issue is available along with a few days of access to the forums.

Tiffani Hill-Patterson is an award-winning journalist with 13 years of writing and editing experience. She’s a regular contributor to The Writer Mama zine and Birmingham Parent magazine, and her articles on health, parenting, fitness and pop culture have also appeared in The Huntsville Times, The Moulton Advertiser and The TimesDaily. She lives in Alabama with her husband and daughter. Read more at

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