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Tiffani Hill-PattersonBy Tiffani Hill-Patterson

Funds for Writers
It’s all about the money at Funds for Writers. On her website, founder and editor C. Hope Clark says, “To FFW, success means earning a living doing what you love.” And she helps writers find that success by searching out legitimate grants, paying contests and markets, putting them all together in her free newsletters and sending them to subscribers. It’s almost like money in your inbox. If you have advice on making money through writing, tips on winning contests or ideas for breaking into a specific market, Hope, a Writers on the Rise contributor, also accepts submissions.

Tiffani Hill-Patterson is an award-winning journalist with thirteen years of writing and editing experience. She’s a regular contributor to The Writer Mama zine and Birmingham Parent magazine, and her articles on health, parenting, fitness and pop culture have also appeared in The Huntsville Times, The Moulton Advertiser and The TimesDaily. She lives in Alabama with her husband and daughter. Read more at

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  1. 1 Elaine Williams February 9, 2008 at 3:16 pm

    Hi Tiffani: I just started receiving the Funds for Writers newsletter and it is always packed with good information. I’ve already entered four different writing contests and each time I receive the newsletter, there are new publishing contests to check out. Elaine

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