The Copywriter’s Paycheck: Market Yourself to Graphic Designers

Elizabeth ShortBy Elizabeth Short

Think you’ve unearthed all your markets? Think again!

Getting Started Tip #8: Market yourself to graphic designers
If the world of marketing materials had a dating scene, here is a singles ad you’d undoubtedly find. Wanted: SBWC. Sexy graphics layout seeks single, black & white copy for LTR. Interests include collaborating on professional brochures, Web sites and newsletters. UB concise and typo-free. Let me show you my logo! If your own copy is feeling a bit lonely, market your services to graphic and Web designers. Number one, designers are potential clients who need copy to accompany their work. Number two, a good designer will add value to your own business—it’s much easier to fish for brochure and Web site jobs if you come equipped with your own graphics person. Contact local designers with a short letter or e-mail that outlines the benefits of your services. Better yet, arrange a meeting over coffee. A moonlit walk on the beach, perhaps? Probably not.

Copywriting Tip #8: Proofread, proofread, proofread!
For professional copywriters, there is no deadlier mistake than a typo. After all, you’re the person that businesses hire to make them look savvy, not stupid. To avoid typos and other capital copy crimes, proofread diligently—multiple times. Proofread once before submitting your copy to the client for review. Proofread again after making any changes. Repeat with the printer’s proof or the Web designer’s final product. For best results, use the computer for a spelling and grammar check to catch glaring errors. Then, use your own eyes to read through the copy sentence by sentence. Finally, scour the copy word by word. Pay special attention to proper nouns and other words that may not be in the dictionary. You might also consider hiring an outside proofreader to give your job a final once-over. Above all, never rely on your client (or your designer) to proofread. Make no mistake—that’s your job!

Elizabeth Short is a freelance copywriter and graphic designer with a passion for helping small businesses clarify and broadcast unique marketing messages. With a focus on websites and print materials, she brings together content + design in one easy, affordable package ( Check out her e-book, 7 Steps to Effective Web Content ( to learn the secrets of writing copy for the web.

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  1. 1 Kathy McIntosh September 28, 2007 at 4:10 pm

    Great idea, one of those that had slipped off my to-do list. Often designers feel shaky about their writing skills, and we can gain from their expertise, as well.
    Thanks for the reminder!

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