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Join a Networking Group. Now!

Elizabeth ShortThe Copywriter’s Paycheck

By Elizabeth Short

With the basics under your belt—a brochure, 30-second elevator speech and established rates—you’re ready to network.

Getting Started Tip #5: Join a networking group. Now!
For many entrepreneurs, a networking group—a group of business owners who meet regularly (usually for breakfast or lunch) and cultivate “leads” for each other—is the best tool for gaining new clients. A real estate agent will make referrals to the group’s mortgage broker, for example, while a graphic designer might pass leads to the resident copywriter. Networking groups come in all varieties, from large chambers of commerce at one extreme to small organizations that hand-pick members (usually one per profession to avoid competition) and emphasize personal referrals. Benefits of a networking group include more clients and the chance to become fluent in discussing your business. To find a group in your area, check out your local chamber of commerce in addition to resources like and

Copywriting Tip #5: Use “you” statements
Have you ever perused a brochure or Web site and gotten the eerie feeling that you’ve suddenly become invisible? If so, it’s probably because the copy doesn’t mention you at all. For example: I provide great pricing on massage and other bodywork. My main services are deep tissue and hot stone treatments. While “I” statements are recommended by therapists for navigating delicate personal conversations (I feel like my needs are ignored in this relationship), in marketing it’s all about you, baby! Try this revision for the copy above: You’ll enjoy massage and other bodywork at prices you can afford. Schedule your deep tissue or hot stone treatment by calling… Ah, there you are!

Elizabeth Short is a freelance copywriter and graphic designer with a passion for helping small businesses clarify and broadcast unique marketing messages. With a focus on websites and print materials, she brings together content + design in one easy, affordable package ( Check out her e-book, 7 Steps to Effective Web Content ( to learn the secrets of writing copy for the web.

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