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Dear Fellow Writers…April Message

A monthly inspirational message from publisher and editor of Writers on the Rise, Christina Katz.

cmkwritermama.gifContain Your Career and Watch It Bloom!

I love container gardening. Have you ever planted five or six little starter-plants in a pot or window box?

It doesn’t look like much right after you’re done. More like a bunch of dirt than a garden. But give that container some sun, water, and food and ka-boom! Seemingly overnight, a demure container can explode with color, texture and beauty.

I love it when that happens. And your writing career can follow the same short and successful route. Just choose your container commensurate to the amount of free time you have.

The best way to get maximum growth from your writing career is to plant wisely, tend carefully, feed generously, and resist the urge to walk away. With a small-scale garden, you can get maximum growth in minimum time and can still have time to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

In the same spirit, having a manageable-sized writing career and simply tending it lends itself to a balanced life and attitude. I structured my book, Writer Mama, to reflect this small-is-good logic because many writers are derailed by their lofty (and lengthy) goals before they have even picked up the basics (others hesitate to think big, but we’ll discuss that another time). For a few, it takes a painful decade to achieve even one goal.

A lot of non-fiction writing-instruction books tackle the more complicated stuff without helping writers absorb the basics. Writer Mama emphasizes mastering the short stuff before moving on to the long stuff, because this strategy offers greater success sooner, just like container gardening vs. a full-blown garden.

So keep your initial writing containers small, your plans modest, and don’t plant more than you can genuinely care for. Then see how it goes. If this is too easy, plan a little bigger. I think you will find that your writing career grows steadily this way and you will always feel like you have the experience you’ve built up to fall back on.

We have a new format for this zine and I sure hope you enjoy it. We’re switching over to our new WordPress home this month for good, so you’ll be seeing a column or announcement posted every other day instead of viewing the whole zine at once. I’ll send out a reminder to read the zine mid-month and around the first of the month just like always. But for those who are accustomed to reading blog feeds, you can simply RSS subscribe by clicking on the RSS icon in your URL address bar. Happily, you will soon to be able to pull up all the columns by your favorite contributor simply by clicking on their name in the category listing.

To receive the columns in your inbox, simply choose “Feedblitz” under RSS subscribe. Click on the RSS subscribe icon in the URL address bar and you will be given several choices. At the bottom is “Email subscription by Feedblitz.” If you prefer receiving columns in your inbox to bookmarking, this is the way to go.

I will be using Constant Contact to send a pretty html message to your inbox twice a month. And guess what that means? It is time to pay several of our annual expenses. You may or may not know that Writers on the Rise is a totally voluntary effort carried out by dedicated writing professionals. Like public radio, we need your financial support to continue the standard of excellence that we have established. Why not give a voluntary subscription in any amount today?

Simply click here to give. Next month, I’ll talk about the ways subscribers can participate more easily than ever.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for supporting this labor of love.

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